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Rodrigo Ruiz has a great way of visualizing the steps and stages of grasshopper.  His website outlines tasks/lessons and provides a visual step by step image to follow.  There are 15 tasks in total.



What is the future of creativity, manufacturing, and design? How is the Shapeways community and 3D printing enabling everyone to make their ideas real?
This film portrays how the Shapeways 3D printing community and marketplace is enabling everyone to be a creator. All you need is an idea and an Internet connection.

Shapeways* Made in the Future



The film from the lecture yesterday in 213 JAR.

3D printing explained with Bart Van der Schueren of Materialise


This project involves the conception and design of a new column order based on subdivision processes. It explores how subdivision can define and embellish this column order with an elaborate system of ornament. The first 2.7-meter prototype is constructed as a layered model of 1mm cardboard sheet. Further columns of milled 1mm ABS plastic layers were exhibited at the 2011 Gwangju Design Biennale.

lancelotLancelot Coar

A rich exploration of material in regards to self-forming structures. Ongoing work in collaboration with CAST and the University of Manitoba.


joe sanchezJose Sanchez

Jose Sanchez website, including work and research.


parametricismCritical Parametricism

A brief critic of parametricism as an agent of  geometry.


An example of how the free physics engine (Kangaroo) for Grasshopper is used to shrink wrap a complex solid, produced with Python for Rhino.